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Website redesign for an AI technology company

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So, what is Weave.AI?

Weave.AI uses AI technology to identify and distill out key insights from masses of unstructured data. By filtering out the "noise," Weave.AI produces the most relevant facts, graphics, and trends - called Smart Talking Points - so users can read less, and know more. This helps help businesses and users rapidly build personalized, compelling stories to turbocharge user engagement and insights.

The Challenge

Weave.AI is a complex and versatile product, and they needed their website to reflect complex functionalities in a simple, intuitive way that users understand. To achieve this, I worked with a team of four other UX & UI Designers to modernize the interface and help align the information architecture with Weave.AI's motto, "Read Less, Know More."

Original Landing Page
Our Landing Page


Heuristic Evaluation

To determine the website’s current usability I ran a Heuristic Evaluation, which helped identify usability problems within the current design that we could later test with users.

Aesthetic & Minimalist Design
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Screen Overflow

To view the entire screen, users must “zoom out” in the browser. This was confirmed to be a universal problem in usability testing.


Busy Background Motion

Moving wave background detracts from page content.

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Information Overload

Weave.AI is very excited (and rightfully so!) to display the versatility of their product. But presenting this much information overwhelms the user, leading to less retention.

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This is one of many (many, many...) carousels. The more carousels a user sees, the less likely they are to read through any of them.

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Recognition Rather Than Recall

The Carousels...

Each carousel has 12+ items to scroll through, some show 7 items simultaneously, putting a strain on the user’s memory.


Feature Soup

The capability comparison between different products should be additive rather than separate given the categories “standard”, “professional”, and “premium”. Some features are redundant, and the UI is unbalanced.

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Arrow 3.png
Arrow 2.png
Arrow 2.png

What happened to Spotlight?

Primary nav does not feature the Spotlight product - the core technology.

Consistency & Standards

Inconsistent Hover States

Buttons across site do not have consistent hover states, some show colors outside of the brand colors (like the blue seen here).


Inconsistent Element Style

Box styles, length, carousel shapes, and other elements are inconsistent, creating confusion of function.

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Arrow 3.png
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Flexibility & Efficiency of Use


Weave.AI logo does not link users to home page, an industry standard & user expectation.


Inefficient Display

Multiple long carousels are an inefficient way for users to browse information.

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Arrow 4.png
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The Heuristic Evaluation illuminated for us the complexity of Weave.AI's products and the fact that the website needed some help to showcase the depth and versatility in a digestible way. Our three main concerns were that the website is:

Concerns Container.png

Industry-specific language, abbreviations, and bespoke topics are used throughout the site making it hard for the general user to understand content.


Weave.AI’s core technology is designed to help users “read less and know more,” but the website is overwhelming, making it difficult to trust Weave.AI.


It is difficult to figure out what it is Weave.AI does as a business, despite the vast amount of information provided on the existing website.

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A Heuristic Evaluation gave us a great, quick framework to identify usability issues, but we wanted to dive a little deeper and talk to some potential users about their thoughts on the website.

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